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Happy Halloween from We Cater San Diego

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The Holidays are upon us.  As you are planning your holiday parties at work and home, don’t forget the festive foods.  Check out some cool food options like Day of the Dead Marshmallow Sugar Skull PopsMexican Dia De Los Muertos Sweet Bread, or Dia De Los Muertos Confetti Cake.

Many people think of Dia De Los Muertos as “the Mexican Halloween” however the holiday actually dates back close to 4000 years, before Mexico existed as a country.  Many indigenous cultures like the Mayans and Aztecs shared a common believe in an after life.  They believed when a person died, their soul was carried to an afterlife.  These indigenous people began to celebrate the passing of the dead from life to the afterlife.  In parts of the Yucatan today, people celebrate Dia De Los Muertos for the entire month of October with rich traditions, foods, and music.

If you plan on celebrating the holidays with an office party, give us a call for your holiday catering!  We can create something festive and unique for your event.

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Leonard BrunoHappy Halloween from We Cater San Diego

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